Preferred Path DVD Based Core Course

Everything you need to teach this course in your church 

A six lesson course that introduces participants to the essential tools for building consensus, communicating, and resolving conflict in light of scripture and modern negotiation and mediation practice.

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How to use these materials:

  1. No preparation required.
  2. Make copies of handouts from Facilitators’ Kit ahead of class.
  3. Distribute manuals from Participant Materials.
  4. Follow Facilitator instructions for exercises.
  5. Play the DVD Mini-lecture when prompted to do so.
  6. Lock in learning with the Preferred Path Conflict Game!

Table of Contents:

  1. What is the Preferred Path (and do I really need this)?
  2. The Conflict Grid (a tool for every step of the way).
  3. Communicating well (strategies for difficult conversations).
  4. Poles apart (‘You’ll never get these two together!’).
  5. Resolving conflict (standard solutions in interpersonal peacemaking).
  6. Integrating the Preferred Path into Church and Family life (how to keep denial, court, and power plays from ruining your life).

Sample Video-Lecture:
Click here for a sample from Dr. Slaikeu’s Mini-Lectures

Sample from Facilitator Manual:
Click here to see a sample of the Facilitator Course manual
Facilitator manual is the same as Participant manual, except for shaded boxes that give Facilitator instructions.


What Others Have Said:

“Every church leader should take this course!”

“I can’t imagine being in ministry without it! I wish I would have had it 20 years ago!”

“Very useful in church life and ministry, as well as personal relationships!”

“Top notch! Presented in logical, building and bite size steps.”

“Very effective delivery of a lot of material. Really well done!”

Sample mini-lecture

Facilitators’ Kit – $199.95

  • DVD with Six Mini-Lectures
  • Two Facilitators’ Manuals
  • Handouts
  • Preferred Path Conflict Game
  • Two Conflict Grid Cards
  • Two MAP Cards
  • Two Preferred Path Bookmarks
  • On Line Tools for After the Course

Participants’ Kit – $139.95

  • Participant Materials
  • 10 Participant Manuals
  • 20 Conflict Grid Cards
  • 20 MAP Cards
  • 20 Preferred Path Bookmarks (Game Prize)
  • On Line Tools for After the Course

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